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        項目運營部 COD

        臨床運營服務是永銘醫學的主營業務,我們專注為心腦血管、神經和外周領域醫療器械與藥品臨床試驗提供 全流程一體化服務。項目運營部過去共計管理過 300+ 項臨床試驗,助力 200+ 產品成功上市。項目運營部建立了完善的SOP與管理模式,按照國際標準對臨床試驗全過程進行監督管理,并嚴格按照ICH-GCP和中國GCP標準執行臨床試驗管理,對試驗全過程實行質量監督。我們與全國 近400 家臨床研究中心建立了深度合作,積累了豐富的臨床項目管理經驗,為保持領先奠定了深厚基礎。

        Clinical operations services are the primary focus of Yongming Medical. We specialize in providing fully integrated services for clinical trials of medical devices and drugs in the cardiovascular, neurological, and peripheral fields. With our expertise in clinical operations, we have successfully managed over 300 clinical trials, contributing to the successful launch of more than 200 products. Our department has established robust and comprehensive SOP and management models, overseeing and managing the entire clinical trial process in accordance with international standards. We strictly adhere to the ICH-GCP and Chinese GCP standards, ensuring comprehensive quality supervision throughout the trial.

        Through in-depth collaboration with over 400 clinical research centers nationwide, we have gained extensive experience in clinical project management, solidifying our position as a leader in the field.

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