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        永銘醫學成立于2009年,是專注于心腦血管植介入醫療器械領域的臨床研究服務機構。公司 自成立以來,始終堅持“質量與服務第一”,致力于在臨床試驗管理、醫學事務、數據管理、安 全管理、核心實驗室、生物統計分析、產品注冊上市及醫學媒體傳播等領域提供完整解決方案, 為國內外客戶提供高效率、高品質的專業化服務。公司先后與全國近400家臨床研究中心開展 廣泛深入的合作,積累了豐富的臨床項目管理經驗。目前,公司員工人數近百人,擁有一支具 有良好醫學背景和國際水準、高素質的研究服務團隊和醫療行業精英組成的核心管理團隊,建 立了國際標準的操作規程(SOP)。公司關鍵人員主要分布在北京及江蘇,在沈陽設立有辦事 處,并在國內多個城市派駐人員,形成覆蓋全國的、完善的服務網絡。

        Yongming Medical (CCRF), founded in 2009, is a clinical research service organization focusing on the field of cardio-cerebrovascular vascular interventional medical devices. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the "Quality and service first", and is committed to provide complete solutions in clinical trial management, medical affairs, data management, safety management, core laboratory, biostatistical analysis, product registration & launching and medical media communication etc., and is committed to provide efficient and high-quality professional services for domestic and foreign customers. The company has carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with nearly 400 clinical research centers across the country, and accumulated rich experience in clinical project management. At present, thecompany has nearly 100 employees, a high-quality research service team with good medical background and international standards, and a core management team composed of pharmaceutical industry elites. Yongming Medical (CCRF) has established international standard operating procedures (SOP). The key personnel of the company are mainly located in Beijing and Jiangsu, with branch offices set up in Shanghai, Shenyang and Guangzhou, and we also have dispatched personnel in many domestic cities. All of our employees form a comprehensive service network covering the whole country.

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